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Membership at Forest Heights Country Club

The benefits to being a member at Forest Heights Country Club are numerous.  Membership includes golfing opportunites on our reowned Bob Cupp designed 18 hole championship golf course, tennis on both soft and hard surface courts, dining that is unequaled in this area that ranges from upscale to casual, and swimming and fitness facilities.


  1. The Membership Process:
    1. All nominees must be sponsored by three current members of the Club.
    2. The sponsoring members should arrange for the nominee to receive a Nomination Form.  If there are any questions, either the sponsoring members or a Forest Heights Country Club staff member may assist in completing the form.
    3. Once the nomination form is complete, it should be returned to the Business Office during normal business hours (9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday).  Either the nominee or sponsoring member may return the form.
    4. Once the form is returned with appropriate fees attached, a Social will be arranged to introduce the nominee and their spouse to current Board Members.  (Normally, this social is scheduled thirty minutes prior to the regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting on the third Wednesday of each month).  If the nominee is unable to attend this meeting, the General Manager will arrange a meeting so that all parties may attend.
    5. Our policy dictates that both prospective member and spouse, at least two Board members, and the General Manager be in attendance.
    6. If you have any questions, please call the Business Office at 912-764-9817.
  2. Membership Categories
    1. Full Participation - This category allows members, spouses and children to utilize all facilities of the Club to include the Golf Course, Dining rooms, Pool/Youth/Fitness, and Tennis facilities.
    2. Non-Residence - This category allows members, spouses and children who live outside of Bulloch County to utilize all facilities of the Club as mentioned under the Full Participation Category.
    3. Special Golf - This category allows an individual under the age of 26 the opportunity to utilize the Golf Course, Pro Shop, Locker Room, and Snack Bar.  Upon reaching their 26th Birthday, the member must decide to either join as a Junior Full Participating member or resign.

For further information on Membership Process at Forest Heights Country Club,
please contact our Business Office [email protected]