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History of Forest Heights Country

During the late 40's several community business leaders agreed that Statesboro should have a Country Club where the more genteel of our society should entertain themselves with their friends in a round of golf and the finer society issues of the day.  Thus, Forest Heights Country Club was born in 1947 with 200 local citizens joining the club.

The Club enlisted the assistance of noted golf course architect, George Cobb, to route and build the first golf course in Bulloch County.  Mr. Cobb laid out a nine hole golf course utilizing two sets of tees to complete the 18 hole golf course.  Throughout the fifties and early sixties, Forest Heights Country Club was recognized for having the best golf course in the surrounding area.  The Southeastern Invitational Golf Tournament was born in Statesboro and became one the the area's leading sporting events.

During the mid sixties, the leadership of the club saw the value of building another nine holes and renovating the original nine.  Again, the club enlisted the help of George Cobb and in 1966 the golf course underwent major changes.  Also, at this time, the clubhouse was enlarged to include a new pro shop that allowed the golf professional to merchandise his wares as well as a locker room for the men and women of the club to enjoy.

In 1971, the Chris Schenkel Intercollegiate Invitational Golf Tournament was started.  Teams that participated included such national powers as Wake Forest, Oklahoma State, Ohio State, Georgia, Georgia Southern and many more of the golfing powers of collegiate golf.  Individual players who participated included Mark Calcaviccia, John Cook, Buddy Alexander, Andy Bean, Jodie Mudd, David Toms, Lanny Wadkins, Curtis Strange and quite a number of PGA Tour players.

During the mid 70's the clubhouse was renovated and a large ballroom was added for the members' social needs.  The enlarged clubhouse included a new kitchen, a new formal dining area, bar and snack bar.  The pro shop was also renovated with the locker rooms being updated.

The 80's saw the club continue to grow with a membership list of 550.  The club had an active tennis base, golf was growing, club member's children enjoyed the pool, and the club's social activities continue to increase to the member's satisfaction.

By 1993, it was apparent that the golf course needed some updating and the greens needed to be rebuilt.  The club hired Bob Cupp to rebuild the greens to USGA specifications in the spring of 1993 and by the fall of that year, Forest Heights Country Club was recognized throughout the state of Georgia as having one of the very best golf courses in the state.  With the Chris Schenkel Intercollegiate Golf Tournament challenging the very best collegiate golfers in the country to play at their very best, the course withstood the test and proved it could test the skills of even the most talented players in the country.

Today, Forest Heights Country Club is the leader in our area in country club living.  From the outstanding dining facilities, banquet facilities, fitness, tennis and golf, Forest Heights offers something for everyone.